MAXsys Industry Update

Please click ‘here’ for a copy of the latest update

MAXsys Rollout Update

Please click ‘here’ for a copy of the latest update on the new MAXsys Site Controller Rollout.

Site Controller Changeover – Venue Transition Sheets

In preparation for the new CMS Licence, MAX will be installing a new MAXsys Site Controller in each venue.
Venue Transition Sheets have been developed to assist venues to understand what the Site Controller change involves.
Please click ‘here’ for a copy of the Venue Transition Sheets.
These sheets provide an overview of the new MAXsys Site Controller and the updated MAXsys Site Monitor Screen for Venue Managers and Staff.
If there are any questions please contact the DMS Helpdesk on 1800 307 551

NSW CMS Maxgaming Q & A Sessions

Maxgaming held a series of Q&A sessions that provided information to venues on the new technology platform MaxSys2.0, which will be implemented for the new CMS licence, commencing on December 1, 2017.

Click the following link for a summary of the questions and answers from the sessions. Click here 

Click this link to the first video presentation held at the Bankstown Sports Club. Click here 


Questions relating to the new CMS Licence or Maxsys v2.0 can be directed to

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