Q. Who is the CMS Maintenance Service Provider? 

  A. In June 2008, Bytecraft Systems Pty Ltd (Bytecraft) was reappointed as the new CMS Maintenance Service Provider for all installation and maintenance of the CMS. The terms of the contract exist for a three-year period.


   Q. What service levels has the CMS Maintenance Service Provider committed to for attending venues with a GMIC failed gaming machine lockup?

  A. The table below indicates the agreed time frames for provision of CMS maintenance in the four defined service coverage areas for venues, given the following priorities:
Priority 1 P2 lock ups
Priority 2 Site computers offline due to Modem, Switch, UPS and Telstra faults
Priority 3 Individual machines offline, new installations/decommissionings, collection of equipment.

Service Coverage Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3
Metropolitan 4 hours 45 hours 150 hours
Regional 6 hours 45 hours 150 hours
Country 15 hours 45 hours 150 hours
Remote Country 24 hours 45 hours 150 hours

The area approximately bounded by Heathcote, Camden, Penrith, Richmond and the Hawkesbury River to Palm Beach and includes Oakdale, Wallacia and Wiseman's Ferry.

Approximately the non-metropolitan area bounded by Raymond Terrace, Swansea/Caves Beach and Maitland (Newcastle), the area bounded by Broken Bay/Hawkesbury River, Pacific Highway and South of Swansea/Caves Beach (Central Coast) and the Greater Wollongong Area including Helensburgh to Shellharbour and Albion Park (Wollongong).

All areas of New South Wales other than Metropolitan, Regional and Remote Country areas.

Remote Country
Lightning Ridge, Wilcannia, Boggabri, Tibooburra, Wanaaring, Bourke, White Cliffs, Brewarrina, Cobar, Goodooga, Ivanhoe, Lake Cargelico, and any sites that are west and north of Bourke, Brewarrina and Cobar.


  Q. What is the CMS Maintenance Service Provider?

  A. The CMS Maintenance Service Provider is the organisation engaged by Maxgaming NSW Pty Ltd to perform authorised maintenance of the CMS through the use of licensed technicians.

The CMS Maintenance Service Provider is responsible for:
Establishing an initial connection from a venue’s gaming machines to the CMS Site Controller.
Maintaining CMS equipment at the venue on behalf of Data Monitoring Services.
Restoring connection to the CMS if the venue’s licensed technician is unable to do so.


  Q. Do venues have to pay for replacement GMICs?

  A. Data Monitoring Services initially supplied a GMIC for all authorised X standard gaming machines at your venue at the time of commissioning. Data Monitoring Services will also supply additional GMICs for any increase in the number of gaming machines authorised after the commencement of the CMS.

Whilst venues do not bear the cost of replacement GMICs (except in the case of venue loss or damage), if a venue decides to replace a gaming machine, the venue incurs the cost of the licensed technician removing the GMIC from the gaming machine to be disposed and reconnecting it into the replacement gaming machine.

In instances where venues or licensed technicians have surplus GMICs due to reductions in venue holdings or maintenance work, the DMS Help Desk should be contacted on 1800 307 551 to arrange for the collection of surplus CMS equipment.


   Q.If there is a problem with the CMS will my gaming machines continue operating?

  A. The CMS has been designed to minimise the possibility of any adverse impact on the operation of gaming machines within a venue, while still providing the high level of integrity and security required by the Regulator.

The GMIC installed in every gaming machine will have a considerable amount of memory that will allow a gaming machine to operate, even when other components in the CMS may fail. For example, if the CMS Site Controller fails, or if there is a problem with the telecommunications network, gaming machines will continue to operate.

However, a gaming machine will discontinue operations in the extreme case of the GMIC itself failing or when the GMIC's memory is full. 


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