Q. How much is the CMS Monitoring Fee? (1/07/2019)

Please note as of 1 July 2019, the Monitoring Fee will increase to $45.76(plus GST) per Approved Gaming Machine per month. Then on each subsequent 1 July, the Monitoring Fee will be increased or decreased based on the *Sydney CPI, when measured for the most recent quarter compared to the same quarter of the preceding year.
 * Sydney CPI means the Consumer Price Index (All Groups Index) for Sydney as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


   Q. How will I be notified of the CMS Monitoring Fee payable by my venue? (25/06/2009)
  A. On the first business day of each calendar month, an invoice is generated by Data Monitoring Services for the prior month’s CMS service. This invoice is then distributed to all venues via facsimile, mail, or on-line depending on the individual venue’s preference of distribution.
This invoice will notify the venue of the day that the direct debit will occur for payment of the CMS Monitoring Fee. This is generally the seventh calendar day of the month (or next business day where this falls on a weekend or public holiday).
   Q. How can I pay the CMS Monitoring Fee? (25/06/2009)
  A. Data Monitoring Services will direct debit the CMS Monitoring Fee from each venue’s nominated bank account. This is the only payment method available at this time as directed by the Gaming Machines Act 2001. The direct debit method of payment for the CMS Monitoring Fee was selected for its cost effectiveness, convenience and consistency with the Office of State Revenue’s gaming tax collection method. It is proven to be a safe and effective collection method in other Australian gaming jurisdictions. It saves venues the cost and time involved in drawing and posting cheques.
Venues are required to complete aDirect Debit Authority form that authorises Data Monitoring Services to direct debit a venue's bank account for the CMS Monitoring Fee. This authority does not allow either the State Government or Data Monitoring Services access to details in your bank account. It only allows Data Monitoring Services to process a charge against your venue’s account for the CMS Monitoring Fee.
   Q. What happens if I do not pay the CMS Monitoring Fee? (25/06/2009)
  A. In the event that your bank rejects an attempted direct debit due to insufficient funds, your venue will incur an administration fee of $30 (plus GST) to cover the bank and administration costs.
Failure to pay the CMS Monitoring Fee is a breach of the venue’s gaming licence and Data Monitoring Services is required to notify the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing for further action that may include legal proceedings.
  Q. Are there any venues exempt from paying the CMS Monitoring Fee? (25/06/2009)
  A. Yes. The State Government will pay the CMS Monitoring Fee for any club not exceeding $100,000 gaming profit per year.
The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing will notify individual venues of their eligibility for the CMS Monitoring Fee Rebate. For more information, please contact the CMS Business Unit at the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.
   Q. Is the CMS fee charged for machines in storage? (25/06/2009)
  A. Yes. In line with legislation, the CMS monitoring fee is charged for all machines that are authorised in a venue. DMS will perform a tax assessment and issue monthly gaming performance statements regardless of whether the machines are played. Gaming machines must be disposed for the fee not to be charged.


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