Q. Who is Data Monitoring Services? (25/06/2009) 

  A. Data Monitoring Services is the division of Maxgaming NSW Pty Ltd established to operate the CMS Licence.

Data Monitoring Services operates in isolation from other Maxgaming NSW Pty Ltd businesses. It is colloquially known as a 'ring-fenced' operation. This organisational structure was implemented to ensure the confidentiality of venue information from other Maxgaming NSW Pty Ltd businesses. 

  Q. How does the CMS work? (25/06/2009) 

  A. A device known as a Gaming Machine Interface Card (GMIC) is located within all gaming machines. This GMIC receives data from the gaming machine every two seconds.

At fifteen-minute intervals, the GMIC will send the most recent data to the venue’s CMS Site Controller, an industrial computer that is provided to each venue.

On a daily basis, the CMS Host Computer located at Data Monitoring Services collects the 10:00am meter readings collected by the GMICs. This is known as the Freeze Meter. The CMS Host Computer will also collect any meter alerts or events generated by the gaming machines for investigation. Information is then compared to data on all authorised gaming machines and reviewed by Data Monitoring Services personnel to act on any erroneous or missing information where necessary.

The data is used to calculate the gaming tax payable by the venue to the State Government. Under normal operating conditions, the CMS should be transparent to a venue’s operations.


  Q. What costs do venues incur with the CMS? (25/06/2009) 

  A. In general, the only cost venues will incur with the CMS is the monthly CMS Monitoring Fee.

Maxgaming NSW Pty Ltd incurs all costs associated with the initial rollout and establishment of connectivity of the CMS to a venue, as well as the addition of gaming machines to an existing establishment. Maxgaming NSW Pty Ltd supplies all system components and is responsible for the normal wear and tear of the system.

Venues will be charged CMS costs associated with the maintenance of connectivity and any relocations or conversions of gaming machines within a venue. Venues are also responsible for the CMS costs associated with connecting gaming machines moved to the gaming floor from storage.

Where it is able to be determined that loss or damage to any CMS equipment was as a result of venue activities, the venue will bear the cost of replacement.

The Acknowledgement of CMS Installation form details the ownership and insurance arrangements for the CMS equipment. 


  Q. Do I need to insure the CMS within my venue? (25/06/2009)

  A.The Acknowledgement of CMS Installation form details the ownership and insurance arrangements for the CMS equipment.

Maxgaming NSW Pty Ltd will maintain insurance for all CMS equipment. However, Maxgaming NSW Pty Ltd and the venue acknowledge that either party may have a liability if the CMS equipment is damaged due to venue negligence, and in those cases, either party may wish to insure against such risk. 

  Q. Do I need to disclose the CMS cabling, computers and equipment for the purpose of my insurance policy? (25/06/2009)

  A. No. Maxgaming NSW Pty Ltd owns the CMS equipment. 

  Q. Who has access to view my venue's gaming machine information? (25/06/2009) 

  A. The only parties who may access CMS information collected by Data Monitoring Services are:

Data Monitoring Services' employees
The CMS Business Unit employees at The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
The Director of Liquor and Gaming
Special Inspectors
The Commissioner of Police
The Director General of The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
The Minister of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
The Hotel Licensee or Club Secretary from whom the CMS information has been acquired

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