Q. What does the CMS monitor? (25/06/2009) 

  A. The CMS monitors all authorised gaming machines, link progressive jackpot systems and State Wide link controllers in venues throughout New South Wales.

  Q. Can I use the CMS Site Controller to access reports? (25/06/2009) 

  A. There are a number of reports contained within this website that are derived from the collection of CMS data. Simply log-on to access these reports Free of Charge. If you need assistance with the creation of a username contact the help desk on 1800 307 551.

Data Monitoring Services launched the CMS Data Access service to facilitate direct read-only access to monitored gaming machine data. Monitored data includes the gaming machine meter and event information collected by the CMS.

To access the data it will be necessary for venues to connect a computer to the allocated serial port on the CMS Site Controller. In addition, the appropriate software must be purchased from a suitable vendor and installed on the computer to interpret the data.

The procedures that must be undertaken to install the CMS Data Access service can be viewed in the Documentation section of this site.

  Q. What CMS information is reported to venues by Data Monitoring Services? (25/06/2009) 

  A. Data Monitoring Services will issue to all venues on the fourteenth day of each month the CMS Gaming Performance Statement. This report provides the opening turnover and total wins meter readings for each gaming machine for the assessment period and the closing readings for the month.

The CMS Gaming Performance Statement also provides information regarding individual gaming machine profits and monitored data received for in-house and State Wide link controllers.

The CMS Gaming Performance Statement is issued to venues via facsimile, mail or online depending on each individual venue’s preferred method of distribution. 

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