Q1. What is a dispersal?

A. A dispersal is the amount of money that remains on a progressive machine/system’s jackpot level/s, less the start-up value, at the time of conversion or disposal of a progressive machine/system.


Example of values at the time of Conversion or Disposal


Start up

Current amount

Dispersal Value










Total Dispersal




Q2. How do I put the money back onto a progressive machine/system?

A. A technician will do this by keying the monetary changes into the progressive machine/system.


Q3. Can I put the dispersals back onto any progressive machine/system?

A. (i) When a conversion takes place, the dispersal amount/s should be applied to the same progressive machine/system. (If this is not possible call DMS for advice).

    (ii) When a disposal occurs and you are installing another progressive machine/system on the same day, the dispersal amount should be applied to the newly installed progressive machine/system.

    (iii) When a disposal occurs but you are not installing another progressive machine/system on the same day, the dispersal amount can be applied to another progressive machine/system already in the venue but you must notify DMS, noting the dispersal number, amount, date and progressive machine/system serial number to which the dispersal has been added. (Best to send this advice to


Q4. What happens to my dispersals once I add the amounts back onto a progressive machine/system?

A. DMS view the progressive meters from the time of the conversion or disposal, and check to see if the amounts have been added back on (in cases of conversion, we check the meters of the specific progressive machine/system. In cases of disposals, DMS will view all progressive machines/systems that have been installed on the same day). DMS will then write off (zero) any dispersals that have been added back on.


Q5. What happens if I don’t add a dispersal amount back on?

A. If it cannot be seen that the amount has been added back on, the dispersal record will be updated with the monitored dispersal amount, which will be expected to be paid into the ClubGRANTS category 3 fund (for clubs) or CDF (for hotels).


Q6. How do I pay an amount into the ClubGRANTS category 3 fund or CDF?

A. Cheques should be made payable to the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) and sent to GPO Box 7060 Sydney NSW 2001. Please also identify the dispersal numbers and amounts being paid. It is recommended to aggregate dispersal payments into one cheque per quarter. Records of your payments must be retained at the venue and produced on the demand of an inspector.


Q7. How do I know what my outstanding dispersals are?

A. If you are unsure about your current outstanding dispersals at any time in a quarter, please either email or call 1800 307 551 and request an update.


Q8. Will DMS continue to send advice regarding all outstanding dispersals at the completion of each gaming tax quarter?

A. Yes. Any dispersal still requiring payment will be sent to venues approx 2-3 days before the completion of each quarter. The form is titled “Progressive Dispersals Return”. Once you have made any payments into the ClubGRANTS category 3 or CDF fund, please complete, sign and return the form to DMS and these dispersal payments will be included in your tax invoice calculation and will reduce your venue’s gross gaming profit, in-turn reducing your tax payable in cases where tax is due.


Q9. Any other tips regarding dispersals?

A. 1. Here at DMS we will do our utmost to streamline the process, such that venues will receive the full and correct tax deduction when dealing with dispersal matters. Hence it is crucial that venues notify us asap when dispersal amounts are added to alternative progressive machines/systems (see Q3(iii) above).

     2. It is important to please liaise with technicians when they are calculating the amounts that they add back onto progressive machines/systems. We often see incorrect amounts being calculated and added back on, in many cases for more than is required.


Q10. What happens if I don’t pay a dispersal by the expiry date?

A. Venues with expired dispersals will be automatically referred to OLGR Compliance and potential breach action may result.


Q11. I have converted/disposed a progressive machine/system prior to 3 July 2015. Am I still able to pay this amount as additional cash prizes to players?

A. Yes. Any dispersals created prior to 3 July can be paid back manually to players. Any dispersals created after 3 July need to follow the new dispersal methods highlighted above.


Q12. For clubs, does paying dispersals into the ClubGRANTS category 3 fund, negate the need to pay into the ClubGRANTS Scheme?

A. No. The payment of dispersals into the ClubGRANTS category 3 fund, has NO impact or bearing on the ClubGRANTS scheme.

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