CMS Monitoring Fee Increase

Please note as of 1 July 2020, the Monitoring Fee will increase to $46.68 (plus GST) per Approved Gaming Machine per month. Then on each subsequent 1 July, the Monitoring Fee will be increased or decreased based on the *Sydney CPI, when measured for the most recent quarter compared to the same quarter of the preceding year.

 * Sydney CPI means the Consumer Price Index (All Groups Index) for Sydney as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
 TitleSize (Kb)Description
Change of Hotel Licensee Tax Calculator375.99Enter overall poker machine revenues in the spreadsheet attached to determine the amount of tax payable by the outgoing licensee to the incoming licensee. The licensee on the 14th day following a tax period, will be direct debited for the gaming tax.
Maxgaming Registration Form30.21Maxgaming Registration Form provides access to venue data for Licence holders or their delegates.
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