DMS Operations
DMS is responsible for all operations of the CMS, including the collection and assessment of metered data and integrity events produced by the CMS to calculate the amount of gaming tax payable by each venue in NSW.

On 1 December 2001 (for clubs) and 1 January 2002 (for hotels), the CMS began actively monitoring all gaming machines across NSW for the purposes of tax assessment. 
This monitoring continues from 1 December 2017 on the new MAX CMS system.

The CMS replaces the manual reporting system previously performed by venues.

DMS also manages the administration of Quickchange, an efficient and cost effective online tool for submitting gaming machine changes to the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR).

Based at Maxgaming NSW Pty Ltd's head office at Sydney Olympic Park NSW, DMS employs over 20 people.

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