How do I gain access to Quickchange? (01/07/2020) 


To utilise Quickchange, all users must be approved by the club secretary or licensee of the venue and once registered, each user is then provided a unique user ID, password and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

To apply to become a Quickchange user, complete a Quickchange Registration pack for venues or sellers and technicians. 

The following subscription fees are payable for the use of Quickchange:

Number of Gaming Machines Annual Subscription Fee for Unlimited Authorisations (inc. GST) 

15 machines or less                             $710.00
16 to 50 machines                               $1,420.00
51 to 100 machines                             $4,260.00
101 to 150 machines                           $5,660.00
151 to 200 machines                           $7,090.00
201 to 500 machines                           $10,650.00
501 machines or greater                      $14,210.00

Alternatively, provided that a venue is a registered Quickchange user, they are still able to utilise all facilities of the Quickchange service without subscribing to the annual service fee.  

A $71.00 service fee (inclusive of GST) applies to all transaction types performed within each venue application. Transaction types include: 

  • Installation of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
  • Conversion of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
  • Disposal of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
  • Attachment of a gaming machine to a progressive controller.
  • Detachment of a gaming machine from a progressive controller.       



When is Quickchange available for use? (25/06/2007) 

Primarily Quickchange is available 24 hours per day. Occasionally system maintenance may occur between 3:00am and 7:00am. 



Is there a charge associated with the use of Quickchange? (25/06/2009)  

Through the purchase of an annual subscription to Quickchange, a venue is able to perform an unlimited number of gaming machine installations, conversions and disposals within their venue during the period.



My Internet connection was lost halfway throughout the application, do I have to redo the entire application or will it be saved? (25/06/2009) 

The application will have been saved to the last screen you completed. Every time you move to the next screen, the previous screen is saved. Check in Draft Applications when you regain access to Quickchange to locate the application you were working on.  



I would like to make changes to an existing application. Is this possible? (25/06/2009)   

If the application has not been signed and submitted for authorisation, you are able to amend any component of the application. 



I would like to cancel an application. What do I have to do? (25/06/2009) 

Once an application has been completed, signed and submitted, it cannot be altered or cancelled through Quickchange. The club secretary or licensee of the venue must submit correspondence to Data Monitoring Services on venue letterhead advising of the request for cancellation. 



I have authorised an application and realised I have made a mistake, how do I have this corrected? (25/06/2009)   

The clubs secretary or licensee must submit to Data Monitoring Services in writing a request to amend the error on venue letterhead.

Data Monitoring Services do not supply written notification once the changes have been made and any changes made in the database are not reflected on the Authorisation Report generated in Quickchange. 



Can I authorise an application and action it on the same day? (25/06/2009) 

Yes, provided that you have the ability to connect the gaming machine to the CMS on that day. 



Can I do more than one type of application or use more than one seller on the same Quickchange application? (25/06/2009) 

Yes, you can do both. 



Any questions relating to Quickchange should be directed to the DMS Helpdesk on 1800 307 551 between 8:30am and 5:30pm on business days.   

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