Q. How do I gain access to Quickchange? (01/07/2014) 

  A. To utilise Quickchange, all users must be approved by the club secretary or licensee of the venue and once registered, each user is then provided a unique user ID, password and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

To apply to become a Quickchange user, complete a Quickchange Registration pack for venues or sellers and technicians. 

The following subscription fees are payable for the use of Quickchange:

Number of Gaming Machines Annual Subscription Fee for Unlimited Authorisations (inc. GST)

15 machines or less                             $685
16 to 50 machines                               $1,370
51 to 100 machines                             $4,120

101 to 150 machines                           $5,490
151 to 200 machines                           $6,870

201 to 500 machines                           $10,310
501 machines or greater                      $13,750

Alternatively, provided that a venue is a registered Quickchange user, they are still able to utilise all facilities of the Quickchange service without subscribing to the annual service fee.

A $69.00 service fee (inclusive of GST) applies to all transaction types performed within each venue application. Transaction types include:

Installation of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
Conversion of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
Disposal of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
Attachment of a gaming machine to a progressive controller.
Detachment of a gaming machine from a progressive controller.

Payment for use of the Quickchange system is made on-line using secure credit card transactions.

  Q. When is Quickchange available for use? (25/06/2007) 

  A. Primarily Quickchange is available 24 hours per day. Occasionally system maintenance may occur between 3:00am and 7:00am.


Any questions relating to Quickchange should be directed to the DMS Helpdesk on 1800 307 551 between 8:30am and 5:30pm on business days.   


  Q. Is there a charge associated with the use of Quickchange? (25/06/2009) 

  A. Through the purchase of an annual subscription to Quickchange, a venue is able to perform an unlimited number of gaming machine installations, conversions and disposals within their venue during the period.

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