Important information for Statewide link customers.
Maxgaming is embarking on a project, in concert with Telstra, to upgrade the existing network services used for facilitating State Wide Links (SWL) operations in Clubs and Hotels.
The project is designed to future proof the business prior to the deployment of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and also minimise the risks associated with older styled technologies that may not be supported by Telstra in the future.
The new BDSL network technology is an enhanced offering to that currently installed in venues and will deliver an improved level of performance and reliability.
All costs associated with the cutover, along with the ongoing costs of network operation, will continue to be borne by Maxgaming.
The full scale rollout of the new network will commence at the completion of an OLGR sanctioned Field Trial, currently operating in 4 venues. Approval is expected in mid to late January 2014. Once approval is received a staged roll out will be implemented, with an expected completion date of July 2014.
The first stage conducted by Telstra will be done on a date and at a time convenient to the venue. It will not affect gaming machine play, as the existing hardware is not accessed in the process. Telstra anticipate this process will start within the next few weeks, as it is not dependent upon the OLGR approval.
The second stage is likely to commence in January/February 2014. Bytecraft will contact the venue and arrange for the cutover on a day and at a time convenient to the venue, outside of normal gaming operational hours.
Any queries on the Project can be directed to the Maxgaming Rollout group in business hours on 02 82723440.



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